The Unknown Son


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The Unknown Son剧情内容介绍

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The Unknown Son剧情内容介绍

The Unknown Son

Noah Prentice, a man searching for his past, has only a mysterious tattoo on his wrist from childbirth to guide him towards the answers he seeks. Fresh into the workforce, Noah is thrown into a web of mystery and intrigue as he uncovers a massive terrorist plot born inside the walls of Kaiser Global, an American financial institution. The conspiracy leads Noah closer to underst...

发布于2016年。由尼古拉斯·吉内执导,并且由编剧尼古拉斯·吉内携幕后团队创作。集众多位吉娜·格申、大卫·安德斯、李·迈杰斯、尼克·斯塔尔、布兰迪-卡普、爱德华-麦克-斯科特、Vincent Caiola等著名实力派明星加盟。


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